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OWS VIP/OA VI install instructions.

Click on the "install instructions" link to call up the OWS VIP/OA VI install instructions page.

Product technical support.

For technical OWS VIP/OA VI support, enter on the following "email report form" link to call up the report form.

Please provide us with as many details of the problem as possible, including what lead up to it.

New or re-installed product activation

For product activation support information please enter on the following link.

Product upgrading.

Please note:Upgrading OWS VIP/OA VI from within the programs desktop help menu has been discontinued. Anyone with a registered version of OWS VIP/OA VI lower than 5.05.24, and would like to upgrade is asked to contact us via the email report form asking for upgrade access.

Product upgrade installation.

Please note:To install a downloaded upgrade verion, the current version has to be removed with the Windows ADD/REMOVE utility first. After it has been removed install the downloaded upgrade, which then automatically retaines the full retail version status.

Video and Soundcard compatibility:

Braille display compatibility:

OWS VIP/OA VI is compatible with the following Braille displays: